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 London 2012

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PostSubject: London 2012   Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:33 pm

So uhm... as you probably know i'm pretty much into London 2012 stuff this summer...

Found this hot chick...

She likes medals Razz

She's a swimmer... here with Michael Phelps...

well and guess what... she's not an olympian, but a paralympian...

Paralympics are awesome, and if u guys have any chance to watch it (Channel 4), just do it!
Fucking Swiss Medias almost don't care about the London 2012 Paralympics, except a stupid swiss guy wins a medal... so Awe wrote a rage comment to swiss television and some newspapers!! The Paralympics are by now the 2nd biggest sports event in the world with 4200 athletes and 2.5 million sold tickets before it even started... bigger than stupid football world championsship, bigger than the superbowl in the united states, and the medias don't care at all! These athletes deserve to be spoken of, their achievements are extraordinary!

- Blind people playing Goalball (go check youtube)
- Swimmers with no arms
- Wheelchair Rugby
- Sitting volleyball

Just to name a few sports you won't see anywhere else!

Think about what you guys would do if you lose both of your legs in an accident... or something else!

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London 2012
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