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 Joker Is Here

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PostSubject: Joker Is Here   Mon May 20, 2013 3:59 am

1: TM Nickname. Joker
2: TM Login. (to add you as buddy) sadness50
3: Physical Age: 16Olds
4: Been playing TM since? 5/6 old at playing
5: Mode Preference: (TA, Rounds..ect ect) i prefer Round but if have Ta i dont say no ^^
6: Why do you want to join NWT Dirt? Because it's a really good team ( The best in the word) and i asked to schalkeboy if i have the level and is answer was Yes Very Happy

7: Can you speak good English? I think
8: Are you still currently with another team? No
9: What other Teams have you been with in the past? Spam but i have stopped my apply for incativity
But i re play at Tm² Smile

10: MSN Address? (Very Happy)
11: Do you have a good Attitude and are Friendly with everyone? Yes i dont say a vulgarity and other
12: Are you willing to be active on the Forum? Yes
13: Are you willing to compete in Competitions that require Training?_ Competition <3 i love it and training to i think no good matches with any tran Very Happy
14: Tell us alittle about yourself.
My name is Quentin 16 old i livein Frence/Basse Normandie
I play at tm about 5/6 old and 4/5 hour/day
I don't know what added
If you have a question asked it ^^
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Joker Is Here
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