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 Luis Faria (CLOSED)

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PostSubject: Luis Faria (CLOSED)   Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:55 pm

LuisFaria wrote:
1: LuísFaria
2: capitao_america___
3: 17, 18 in July (:
4: I play Tm since June last year, I always quickly adapt to a car games (: And I've always played dirt tracks.
5: rounds and time attack
6: NWT will want to join because I think this team can learn what I need, I love the tag, and since I saw the player to play Kitos was since then that he wanted to enter the NWT, and as already participated in some tournaments, like have a team that competes know many tournaments.
7: problem in my english is conjugate verbs
8: yes, fw», only 4 players
9: Hot Ice
11: my best quality, I'm very funny (:
12: always
13: Yes, I have a lot of time available to train with the best(NWT)
14: I am Luis Faria, I'm 17 years old, living in Portugal, I'm a cool kid xD, like playing TM in the future would like to live in different countries, I love meeting new people, enjoy going out at night, and I want to be someone in the future (:

I loved to give me this opurtunidade (:
Hugs (:

mako wrote:
Hey mister !
First of all, welcome here ! Always happy to see some new faces trying to get a spot in this great team Wink.

SOo let me explain you how it's working here Smile :

First step : you must show 2 things before getting a TEST-Tag :
- attitude & motivation : being on the forum, join the most possible your NWT buddies on TM when you see them online, being respectfull, ''funny",...
- Speed & Skill : For this point (wich is VERY important). We require from you to drive 2 TRACKS the FASTEST possible for showing your skill.
First one is :
Messi The Third.
Second one is :
Corcovado :

When you are happy about your replays, you can send them here :


Second step :
IF you give us very interesting replays & show a good attitude, motivation,...You will get a TEST-Tag. You will have to wear it during AT LEAST 2 weeks (but it will be probably more^^). During this period, you will be allowed to drive cups with us, participate in "the fastest nwt of the week",...this period will be very important too because you will really participate in the life of the team, like you were already a "real nwt member". It's why we will request a minimum of 2 weeks...

But for now...the most important are the 2 replays & the motivation you will show us ! Wink


P.S : you can already add some of us as buddy :
- makonen (me)
- ...
The others will add their logins here

GL For your recruitement !
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PostSubject: Re: Luis Faria (CLOSED)   Mon May 07, 2012 2:44 am

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PostSubject: Re: Luis Faria (CLOSED)   Mon May 07, 2012 3:00 am

Nothing from him since more than 2 weeks. I consider this recruitement OFF
Gl for the futur Luis.
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PostSubject: Re: Luis Faria (CLOSED)   

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Luis Faria (CLOSED)
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